Yesterday, together with me best friends, I went to India Mela 2012, a festival to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of India-Japan Diplomatic Relations.

Motomachi Shopping District

Passed by 商店街(しょうてんがい), shopping district, like shown in the picture above. Need to explore this area more, seemed interesting.

The gate to China Town

This Motomachi area with its China Town and port reminds me of Yokohama.

The India Mela Entrance

Indian Clothes

Meet the Parents?

Chicken, anyone?

Tandori Chicken and Vegetable Samosa

Love the Tandori Chicken.

Chicken Tikka Roll


One of the festival staffs came to us and handed this quiz. If we got them right, we got a chance to win some prizes like ticket to Rokko Meets Art, etc. And we got them right all right, but unfortunately we didn't have talent in lottery. ヘ( ̄  ̄;ヘ)

Holy cow!

Brastel Public Phone using iPad

Oriental Hotel

The shape of the hotel is interesting. Would love to stay there once some day. Bet the view is astonishing.

St. Maria

Waiting for Captain Jack Sparrow to bring her back to the ocean.

Everybody prepared their cameras

Cause the main show was about to start.

Belly dance

The first belly dancer team wasn't in sync at all. It was like they danced individually.

White belly dancers

Aspiring singer

Then suddenly this girl went on stage and started singing. She's a half Indonesian half Japanese. Not sure what her connection with India is.

Me and wifey

Then it's a wrap.



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