The iPad mini

First thing I did this morning when I woke up was to pick up my iPad which was lying on the side of my bed all night, opened Safari, typed in iPad mini was the first thing I saw. Watching the video of the iPad mini, me and wifey thought, "we want it!" It looks lighter, and easier to hold.

But then, John Gruber said:

Screen resolution-wise, it’s exactly what I expected for a 163 PPI display in 2012: noticeably nicer than the 133 PPI iPad 1/2, noticeably worse than the 266 PPI iPad 3/4. The iPad Mini display seems brighter and to have better contrast than the iPhone 3GS display, but unsurprisingly, rendered text looks exactly like it does on the 3GS.

Rendered text looks exactly like it does on the 3GS. Now that's a turn off. The thing I like the most from iPhone 4/4S and the (not so) new iPad was the retina display which display text sharply. If this iPad mini cannot do that, I guess we'll wait for the next generation.

Then we watched the keynote. Tim Cook took the stage as usual. Boring. Then Phil Schiller came in. We kinda like this guy. As my wife said, "Phil doesn't try to be Steve Jobs when he's on stage." I agreed with her. He showed the new 13" Macbook Pro with Retina Display, new Mac Mini, and then. The new iMac. It's amazing. I was stunned. Very thin. Very beautiful. It deserves the title of the queen of the event.

But what excites me the most about this iMac is it feels Job-sy. First, it's unexpected. Nobody predicted this. Everybody was so busy talking about the iPad mini. No rumors (as far as I know) talked about the new iMac. It's the surprise that I have been missing from apple events since the first iPad. Second, Apple made a bold move by removing optical drive from this new iMac. iMac is a desktop computer. With many DVDs and Blu-rays still being sold these days, removing the optical drive from a desktop computer required the guts and courage only Jobs has. And Apple still has it. Good job. Your move, Samsung.

Oh, and the Fusion drive in the iMac, sounds so ballsy

Final thought, stil hoping for Macbook Air 11" with Retina display…



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