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Long story short, I love iPad Mini. And I'm gonna love even more the next version of iPad Mini with Retina Display.

Back of Mini

So I was about to write a post to respond to a friend's status update regarding Apple, but I remembered I have decided not to respond to any tweets, comments, updates, posts ridiculing Apple. It's a waste of time, energy, and soul. Furthermore, it's the poster's rights to say what he/she wants about anything. Although in this particular instance, he specifically asked Apple fans to read and understand. Which brought me to question the purpose of the status update. Because when I bad-mouthed Google, Amazon, Samsung, etc, I never ask the users of each company to read and understand. I have no agenda to convince the users to ditch the service/product. Since it is their right to choose and use whatever they want to use. I just spoke my mind. And who could say that the service or product that I endorse will be better for him/her. Or who could say that the service or product that I try to sell will stay good as it is now. I couldn't figure out his point.

The only line for iPad mini! So short!! #apple #shinsaibashi #osaka #kansai #japan

Anyway, today, in Japan, iPad Mini is available in the Apple Store. So I went to the only Apple Store in Osaka, Apple Store Shinsaibashi. As expected, there were no ridiculously long line for the iPad Mini. I just went to the store, tried the iPad Mini a little bit, went to the staff, paid, unboxed, and done. Very fast.

Fits in my hand!

First impression, like many others who had the priviledge of playing with it in the US early, this thing is so freaking LIGHT! It fits perfectly on my hand. Very easy to use with one hand. Even without the retina display, it feels comfortable for reading.

Easy to hold

Typing on iPad Mini was also giving a good impression. If you have used the big bro iPad, you'll notice that it's not so easy to type on it while standing. But typing on iPad Mini is a joy.

Retina display please

iPad Mini + Macbook Air 11" is the best combo for me for now. Once both get enhanced with Retina Display, it will be perfect.

So which color did you get?



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