Last week I decided to take a break from Facebook and Twitter. I deleted Facebook and Twitter app from my iPhone and resisted from opening Facebook and Twitter from the web. The reason was pretty simple. I felt that Facebook and Twitter toxicated my mind. There were too many posts or Tweets that were boring, stupid, unnecessary, and I found insulting to what I believe in. To respond to those posts or tweets would not only waste my time, but also mentally exhausting. Not to mention debating over something that will never have common agreement always leaves bad taste in my mouth. Therefore, I chose to keep a distance from Twitter and Facebook. <!-- more -->

Surprisingly, I survived without opening them for a week. It was kinda weird feeling. A day without notifications felt like something was missing. There were these empty time slots in my day that I chose to fill with reading one of the books that I have piled up digitally, The Pragmatic Programmer: From Journeyman to Master.

49 Facebook Notifications

Then yesterday I opened Facebook and Twitter. I found two interesting things. The first one was on Facebook. In a week, I got 49 notifications in which only around 10 were comments or likes to my posts from this blog or pics from my Instagram. The rest was new updates from my Closed Friends. Then I scrolled fast through my news feed to see anything interesting. Aside from my good friend's new hair style, nothing was really interesting. So basically, I didn't really miss anything significant. That is interesting.

Twitter navigation tab

The second interesting thing was in Twitter. Specifically, in Twitter's web page. The first thing I wanted to do on Twitter was to see if any body mentioned me. Unlike Facebook, Twitter doesn't have the red notification bubble. But there was this blue light under the gear icon. So I figured that must be my notifications. But when I clicked it, there was only my Direct Messages. Ok, I still thought, so my Mention notification is not here. I figured maybe it's on the Me icon. I mean, it says Me, so that means everything that belongs to Me should be there, doesn't it? So I clicked it. To my surprise, it wasn't there as well. Where is my "Mentions"?! It can't be in that @Connect, can it? I thought @Connect is the place if you want to find some people to follow, to connect with other users, hence the name @Connect. But I was wrong. My mentions were there. That's interesting. Either me or Twitter don't understand user experience. Anyway, no important mentions after a week. I didn't look at my Twitter streams, cause I knew there must be tons of tweets.

I can say that I am a social network addict. But like everything else, having something excessively is never a good thing. From this one week experiment, I can conclude that once a week Twitter/Facebook consumption is good for my health. So if you have anything important to tell me, please don't do it via Facebook or Twitter. Just email me, or iMessage or text me. Thank you.

Note: Unfortunately, I cannot get away from Instagram. I just couldn't miss seeing Giee-tan for a day! I mean, look at her, she's the cutest cat in the world! ヽ(=^ ・ω・^ =)丿 Follow tiaichima for more pics of Giee! (You have to open that link from your iPhone and must have instagram app installed).

Giee Giee - Cutest cat in the world



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