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Recently, I see a trend of what I call Daring Fireball style of blogging. I called it that way just because John Gruber's blog was the first one I saw using that style. Using DF style, every post is short. There's always a quote from other article and accompanied by comment from the blogger. Sometimes a long comment. Most of the time very short, like one word only. It doesn't seem like a hard thing to do. And the rumor even said that John earned a ton of cash from his blog.

I'm so amazed by people who are constantly updating their blogs with new posts. Even more amazed by those who make money and make a living out of blogging. Because I find blogging a hard thing to do. It takes lots of thinking and time. What to write. How to write it. Search for other articles that can backup what you wrote. Which is why I think Twitter and Facebook became so popular. You don't really think to tweet or post to Facebook.

So the point of this post is … nothing actually. I just saw the comic strip above from and it made me want to express my opinion on how hard blogging is. Of course I can simply say in Twitter or Facebook, "Blogging is hard". But I'm in the middle of Facebook/Twitter fasting. What's that? Next time. Be patient young Jedi.


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