Google posted on Facebook a post that asks people to sign a petition to free the internet. They did not only post it in English, but in Japanese and surprisingly in Indonesian as well.

Reactions to English CTA

I see some spams and useless comments in the English post, but there are some serious comments.

Reactions to Japanese CTA

As expected of Japanese, only few comments, but pretty serious. No spam. Although not sure if the first comment is a spam.

Reactions to Indonesian CTA

I won't translate the Indonesian, but let's just say I wish these people never get to use internet. At first I thought this different reactions implies level of education for each regions. But my wife made a good point that it might not be the case. Because there are some very smart and educated Indonesians. So I guess this just shows how Indonesians use Facebook.

But this is not the first time I see useless comments written in my language. I saw many spams in Facebook posts, Twitter tweets, or Google+ posts written by Indonesian. It's actually a good thing since it means internet is starting to reach more people in Indonesia. Unfortunately, the majority of people in my country still has no clue how to use the internet. Spamming is the easiest thing (or the only thing?) they can come up with.

By the way, you should sign the petition.



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