Martin Bekkelund on Outlawed by Amazon DRM:

Did she violate any terms? Amazon will not tell. Perhaps by accident? Amazon does not care. The conclusion so far is clear: Amazon closed her account, wiped her Kindle and refuses to tell her why. End of discussion.

If the claim to be trusted, the fact that Amazon refused to give any reasons is very disturbing. I understand, though not favoring, that Amazon, like Apple, has the right to do pretty much anything they want with their device and platform. But punishing a customer without warning and explanation is far from being classy.

As a husband of a wife who uses Amazon Kindle everyday, I found this news very saddening. Because we like Kindle. The first generation Kindle we have is the best device for reading. Better than the iPad in that area. Not to mention iBook in Japan is pretty much deserted. With its simplicity in purchasing and the vast collection of books, Amazon Kindle has become our favorite book store.

Cory Doctorow on Kindle user claims Amazon deleted whole library without explanation:

This fine print will always have a clause that says you are a mere tenant farmer of your books, and not their owner, and your right to carry around your "purchases" (which are really conditional licenses, despite misleading buttons labelled with words like "Buy this with one click" -- I suppose "Conditionally license this with one click" is deemed too cumbersome for a button) can be revoked without notice or explanation (or, notably, refund) at any time.

I agree with replacing the "Buy this with one click" button to "Conditionally license this with one click". At least people will know that they won't really own what they are about to purchase and proceed with their own risks.

Don't buy a Kindle

I guess it's inevitable for a company who started small then turned big to become evil. Apple, Google, Twitter, just to name a few. And now (or has it been for a long time?) is Amazon's turn.

You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.


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