What if?

Here is a new blog that you have to follow.<!-- more --> From the creator of XKCD, a new blog to answer hypothetical questions with physics, What If. I'm so fascinated by Randall Munroe's curiosity and deep analytical skill shown in this blog.

Oh, and you should read this conversation with the guy himself:

There are a lot of people who have written books about creativity that I haven't read, so I'm not by any means an expert on it, but my impression is that being creative is just a combination of getting new stimulus, but also having periods where you're not getting any stimulus. I had to stop reading Reddit sometime a few years ago, because I found that whenever I'd bump into a problem that was going to take a little time to solve, I'd just switch over and refresh Reddit and distract myself. Depriving myself of that has definitely been an important part of actually getting anything done, ever. But at the same time, if you're just staring at your room with no Internet or no connection, you just go crazy and don't have anything to give you any ideas at all.

Not with Reddit, but happens to me many times too.



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