Biggest lie

It's a well known fact that the biggest lie on the internet, or software world, is "I have read the terms of service". Who would have the time (and patience) to read that very long mambo-jambo? We would use it anyway. Because everybody is using it, right?

There are some people who try to fix this culture of lies. There is Terms of Service; Didn't read who tries to simplify the Terms of Service (TOS) of web services and it's doing a pretty good job actually. I just found out that users cannot delete their account in some famous services such as Skype and Wordpress. Surprising.

Another attempt circulating around the tech-sphere recently is RapGenius' explanations of Apple's iTunes TOS where people are trying to explain some parts of the agreement in witty ways. Though I can't help but wonder what's with the Human Centipede references.

iTunes Terms of Service

It's not so much of agreement

If you notice, similar TOS can be found in any other services or softwares. It's not just Apple. Every companies serve us this thing for one simple reason. They don't want us to sue them if anything bad happens.

500px's TOS

The only service that does TOS right is 500px. Every companies should follow 500px's way of presenting TOS.



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