iPhone, with all the great things, has many shortcomings. One of the those that still does not make sense to me is its inability to transfer photos from memory card using the Camera Connection Kit while its big brother iPad can do it. Surely iPhone 4/4S/5 has the horsepower to read and transfer photos. There's no reason for this restriction. Unfortunately, there's no sign that Apple will change this policy in the near future. <!-- more -->

Here is where Airstash comes and saves the day. Airstash is a wifi card reader. Insert your memory card (SD/SDHC) to it, turn it on, connect to its wifi network from your iPhone, and you can now copy your photos to iPhone's camera roll. Easy and simple. Recommended.

Airstash to transfer photos from memory card to/from iPhone.

Airstash can be used to transfer other files, not only photos.

Airstash can also stream movies to iPhone, though I haven't tried this one yet.

Airstash is very light

Airstash iPhone app. Can use GoodReader or any app that can access WebDav Server actually.



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