Wow! Didn't realize that I only posted 5 pictures last week! My week must have been a ~~boring~~ busy one. There weren't much happening actually. Just Monoco app (Japan only) update got approved by Apple and it climbed back to the top 4 of free apps in Catalog category. It was at the second place the first time it was released, then suddenly disappeared from the top 200 of Catalog, then appeared again at 22nd. What a ride.

Speaking of app I made, I also updated Kaomoji for Mac with Favorites and Recent lists. Added some new categories as well like Christmas and New Year kaomoji. Check it out if you own a Mac. (^_-)≡★

Monoco in the top 4 App Store

This part of the world is getting colder and colder. I've been feeling under the weather since weekend. Take care of yourself, people! U^ェ^U

My favorite Tully's Irish Latte  is back! 😄\(^o^)/ #coffee #koshien #kobe #kansai #japan

#Kaomoji for #Mac update is up! New categories, Favorites, and Recently Used! 😄\(^o^)/ #japan

What do you call this thing in english? #train #japan #kobe #kansai #sannomiya

Empty #monorail .. #kobe #kansai #sannomiya #japan

The crazy #monkey @ Fruits and Flowers Park ... #kobe  #kansai #japan

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