UICollectionView has a method to change layout easily: setCollectionViewLayout:animated:completion:. And according to documentation, if you implement the delegate's collectionView:transitionLayoutForOldLayout:newLayout: you can customize the behaviour or the cells and decoration views during transition.

For a recent project I need a list that maps city names to timezones. You can easily get a list of timezones in iOS or Mac using [NSTimeZone knownTimeZoneNames] but it doesn't map from city names.

I wasn't really fond of the blue color of Finder folder icon in Yosemite. It's too saturated. Luckily I wasn't the only one. From Yuki Yamashina's How to Change Color of Default Folder Icons in OSX Yosemite, I could change the color of Finder folder icon.

There are many amazing tools to help iOS development easier. One of them is PaintCode. A splendid tool to turn drawings into code. But what about animation? It would be very helpful if there is a tool to create animations visually and turn them into code. QuartzCode is the answer....