So I found out about icomoon and was wondering how to use the icon fonts on Mac. Turns out it's not so difficult.

Skipt this steps if you already have icon fonts.

  1. Go to icomoon app, select some fonts. (Tip: You can drag and select multiple fonts quickly.)
  2. Generate the font then download.
  3. Install the downloaded icomoon.ttf font by double clicking it.

Now the fun part.

  1. Open System Preferences.
  2. Select Language & Text.
  3. Check Unicode Hex Input in Input Source.

Unicode Hex Input in System Preferences OS X

That's it! Well not quite. The secret to use the font is by choosing Unicode Hex Input from Input menu in menu bar, then type the unicode code while pressing Option (⌥) key.

Change Input from Menu bar

So for example, to insert ♥, while pressing Option, type 2665. (Option+2665). The same goes for icon fonts generated by icomoon. Insert the unicde character then change the font to icomoon font.

Insert unicode and use custom icon font in Pixelmator

Now have fun with custom icon fonts!

Reference: TUAW. You can find me on Twitter.



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