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These are the 25+ apps that I found really useful on my Mac. There are apps that aid software development (iOS mostly) and there are also apps for general activities.

Note: The links are affiliate links. If you're not into it, you can just simply google these apps. But I really appreciate if you use these links (^ω^)

PS: If you know better affiliate program, let me know please!


  1. DragonDrop. Drag and drop done right on the Mac. The price is nothing compared to useful this small little app is. $4.99 USD on the Mac App Store
  2. Instashare. Transfering files between Mac and iPhone has been a pain in the ass. Yosemite might solve this problem with the Airdrop feature, but in the mean time, Instashare works wonderfully. And it works on older devices as well! $3.99 USD on the Mac App Store.
  3. Disk Inventory X. FREE. Disk Inventory X shows which folders that are eating up the space in your Mac. Thanks to it I managed to clear up more than 30GB of free space from my Mac.
  4. 1Password. Apple has iCloud Keychain to help with passwords management. But I find it unreliable most of the time. For example, there are times when the Safari on iOS doesn't show auto-fill for username and password on a website. 1Password just works. And it can secure more than just login information, it can also secure credit card information, Wifi router password, notes, and many more. It can even sync your passwords to Dropbox or iCloud. It's worth the price. $49.99 on the Mac App Store.
  5. Kaomoji for Mac. Disclaimer: This is my app. With Kaomoji for Mac, you don't need to copy and paste kaomoji anymore. Keyboard shortcut and tons of kaomojis in many different categories. $3.00 to unlock all kaomojis.
  6. CloudApp. FREE. With CloudApp, I can quickly share screenshots.
  7. MPlayerX. FREE and Open Source. VLC has been the most popular video player but I really like MPlayerX simplicity. And autoplay the next episode is very neat.
  8. LaunchBar. €24.00. I'm using it mainly to quickly launch apps and its clipboard history.
  9. Skitch. FREE. The simplest app to annotate images. If you don't want Skitch to save to Evernote like I do, simply go to Preferences -> Sync -> Save New Skitch Notes to Evernote: Manual
  10. Mou. FREE. A very simple Markdown editor. All of the posts in this blog were written in Mou.
  11. GifRocket. FREE (for now). A simple app to create GIF from video.
  12. DownThemAll. FREE. DownThemAll is a powerful Firefox extension to download stuff. It can increase download speed significantly. Seriously. Download all files with certain filetypes feature had helped me to download all PDFs quickly from Apple's WWDC website.
  13. Reflector. $12.99. Easily and wirelessly display my iPhone to my Mac. Even video playing on the iPhone can be displayed on the Mac. Unfortunately it doesn't work if the video is longer than 10 minutes. Bug probably.
  14. Knock. FREE. My Mac doesn't really need Knock. But it's just fun to unlock the Mac by knocking.
  15. OpenEmu. FREE and Open Source. I'm not a gamer but sometimes it's fun to play retro games and OpenEmu is awesome for it.
  16. Day One. Day One helps me to keep track what I have been doing. Syncs with the iOS app via Dropbox or iCloud. $9.99 on the Mac App Store.
  17. AppCleaner. FREE. Most of the times apps create files throughout the system. Simply removing the app doesn't necesserily removes the temporary files. AppCleaner finds the small files and deletes them.
  18. HandBrake. FREE and Open Source. Convert video from nearly every format.

Development Tools

  1. Go2Shell. Opens Terminal to the current directory in Finder. Wonder why Apple doesn't have this feature by default. FREE on the Mac App Store.
  2. SourceTree. A nice GUI client for Git. FREE.
  3. Reveal. Reveal app has saved me a lot of time debugging user interface bugs in my app. $89 USD.
  4. PaintCode. I've been using PaintCode 1 to turn drawings into code. But I just found out that there is PaintCode 2 with more awesome features. $99.99 on the Mac App Store.
  5. CodeRunner. Sometimes you just want to quickly test if a snippet of code works as you expected. CodeRunner helps you to do that. It's like Swift playground but with support for many different languages. $9.99 on the Mac App Store.
  6. Pixelmator. Pixelmator is a brilliant Photoshop replacement. I use it to quickly edit assets for my apps. $29.99 on the Mac App Store.
  7. Simpholders. A small app to quickly access the folder of applications you have in iOS simulator. FREE.
  8. Postman REST Client. Easily test API by creating requests and view the responses in a beautiful way. FREE.
  9. Mockupphone. It's not a Mac app but if you want to easily wrap your app screenshots in device mockup, then you should bookmark Mockupphone. FREE (Pay with your e-mail address).
  10. Makeappicon. Another website you should bookmark if you're an app developer. Simply upload a big size of your icon image, then download the app icons in many different sizes. FREE (Pay with e-mail address).


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