imsticker is a small command line to help you create Xcode project for iOS 10 sticker pack quickly.


Apple thought it's an innovative idea to let graphic designers/illustrators to use Xcode to create sticker pack for iOS 10. The process involves a lot of clicking and time consuming. You can check the video above. There should be a better innovative way that saves time and effort.



$ brew install imagemagick
$ gem install imsticker


First, prepare your stickers. Put them in a directory called stickers. Put the images for sticker sequence inside a directory inside the stickers directory. More info here.

Then, just run these two commands.

$ imsticker init

Edit the name and website in the generated info.json file.

$ imsticker

To generate the Xcode project file. Open the Xode project using Xcode 8 and run the simulator.

imsticker logo