I've been using Day One for a long time on iOS and Mac. My wife is also using it. I once sent a feature request to allow multiple photos on an entry and the team behind Day One replied and told me they would include that in Day One 2.

That's why I was so excited when they finally announced Day One 2. I was a little bit surprised with the 50% discount launch price, $19.99 for Mac and $4.99 for iOS. I thought it was a little bit pricey but I understood that it's hard to make money in the App Store so I bought them anyway.

I should've read thoroughly about the upgrade before purchasing it because it turned out to be a disappointment. The first surprise I encountered was the lack of Dropbox support. They decided to dispose Dropbox and iCloud sync in favor of their own syncing service. I never had a problem using Dropbox to sync my Day One entries so I'm not so happy with this feature. While Dropbox is not entirely secure, at least it has two-step verification while Day One 2 doesn't have. It's not even in their todo list.

Set to Photo's date is MIA

After using the iOS app for a while, I found out that I cannot set a journal entry's date to the taken date of a photo anymore. This is a setback from Day One Classic. The iOS app also suffers from choppy scrolling in the All Entries tab and the photos picker on my iPhone 6plus. And the UI-blocking weather fetch is still around. (C'mon, fetch weather info in the background. Don't block the main thread!)

I realize some people are using Day One differently from me and maybe the new features in Day One 2 satisfy them. But all I wanted was the ability to add multiple photos in a journal entry. I got what I asked for. But I lost what I've been using and gained things I don't need.

If I'd asked customers what they wanted, they would have said "a faster horse".

Henry Ford

Take a look at what other features they are going to release in the near future. Encryption is the only feature I need. And it's not even the top priority. I really just wanted a faster horse.

I hope they will fix the bugs ASAP because I'm a fan of Day One. It is one of the apps I'm using daily.

UPDATE Feb 10, 2016

New update of Day One 2, now it supports photo's date for entry's date. 👍



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